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Security Engineering
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The book is a security design manual for embedded systems, the only one of its kind, thought to be a seminal work and controversial in high-level circles because because of the powerful algorithms presented within. The author gets right to providing the crucial do´s and don´ts of creating high quality security software that works to prevent all manner of security breaches. The revisions and updates include more than 200 new pages on Vista, Xen, phishing, Google issues, declassified military doctrine, ´´Richard Clarke issues,´´ Skype, mobile fraud, music security issues, antitrust issues, and more. ´´Security engineering is different from any other kind of programming. . . . if you´re even thinking of doing any security engineering, you need to read this book.´´ -- Bruce Schneier ´´This is the best book on computer security. Buy it, but more importantly, read it and apply it in your work.´´ -- Gary McGraw This book created the discipline of security engineering The world has changed radically since the first edition was published in 2001. Spammers, virus writers, phishermen, money launderers, and spies now trade busily with each other in a lively online criminal economy -- and as they specialize, they get better. New applications, from search to social networks to electronic voting machines, provide new targets. And terrorism has changed the world. In this indispensable, fully updated guide, Ross Anderson reveals how to build systems that stay dependable whether faced with error or malice. Here´s straight talk about * Technical engineering basics -- cryptography, protocols, access controls, and distributed systems * Types of attack -- phishing, Web exploits, card fraud, hardware hacks, and electronic warfare * Specialized protection mechanisms -- what biometrics, seals, smartcards, alarms, and DRM do, and how they fail * Security economics -- why companies build insecure systems, why it´s tough to manage security projects, and how to cope * Security psychology -- the privacy dilemma, what makes security too hard to use, and why deception will keep increasing * Policy -- why governments waste money on security, why societies are vulnerable to terrorism, and what to do about it

Stand: Dec 12, 2018
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